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Services of our member organisations in the fields of residence and working rights in the context of COVID-19

Updated 7. 4. 2020 ATTENTION: !!! Regardless of the current state of emergency, foreigners must not neglect their duties and must continue to request extensions to residence permits, changes to the purpose of their stay, etc. This should be done by post on the basis of the previously existing deadlines. Otherwise foreigners could find themselves out of the law once the state of emergency expires. The usual deadlines also apply to appeals!!! !!! It is important for employees not to ...číst dále

Migrants and coronavirus – migrantes y el coronavirus

We hope that you are all well and healthy and that you are managing to cope with the unexpected state of affairs, as well as the restrictions related to the coronavirus. Since the situation of foreigners can be especially challenging, we would like to ask for your help, so we can map it more effectively. Esperamos que estén bien y que, de alguna manera, estén logrando hacer frente a esta situación repentina y las restricciones asociadas con el coronavirus. También,  nos gustaría ...číst dále

International Conference Cities, Migration and Integration: Challenges, Responsabilities and Inspiration – 14. 5. 2019

The conference will introduce innovative approaches, inspirational foreign and Czech experience, and functional models of various actors’ engagement in the integration of foreigners at the local level. Among the wide spectre of participants – representatives of municipalities, state administration, employers, civil society organisations or academics, will be also international guests whose experience will contribute to the debate on empowering municipalities in the area of migrant ...číst dále